Meet the Photographer

Kiawah Sands Photography's owner and photographer, Dylan Keith, is a full-time resident of Kiawah Island. He has a deep appreciation for the nature of Kiawah, and possesses a keen eye for capturing the perfect moment. Whether he is photographing families, couples, or individuals, Dylan takes great care to blend the natural environment seamlessly with the personality and emotions of his subjects.

Through his dedication to preserving the natural beauty of both the people and the landscapes he photographs, Dylan delivers stunning portraits that truly reflect the connection between the subjects and the amazing nature that surrounds them.

Dylan Keith


At Kiawah Sands Photography, we are passionate about capturing the beauty of both people and nature. Our love for the natural world deeply influences our approach to portrait photography, as we believe that the connection between individuals and their surroundings is an essential element in creating truly memorable and authentic images.

We understand that our clients are not only seeking stunning portraits, but also want to preserve the genuine essence of themselves and the environment in which they are captured. Our philosophy revolves around embracing the harmony between people and nature, allowing both to shine through in every photograph.

To achieve this, we employ minimal yet professional lighting techniques that enhance the natural beauty of our subjects — without overpowering the environment.

By utilizing a careful balance of natural light and supplementary lighting, we create portraits that are vibrant and filled with life! We understand that each person and family unit is unique; we strive to showcase their individuality while keeping the authenticity of the natural surroundings intact.